1907398_877112732317792_2998191744428273596_nFlooring Like… Corkoleum!

Whether you are renovating a London leasing or placing down hardwood floors and carpeting in your new Honor Oak Area loft, you would preferably want to use reclaimed materials not just to prove your green cred but also to improve the aesthetics of your location.

Flooring producers have certainly caught the”green wave,” and you can now find flooring produced from a variety of reclaimed materials, such as…

1. Vinyl

Vinyl is easy to clean, comfortable, and fairly stain resistant. It’s also a cost-effective material, and you can come across flooring in a seemingly endless variety of designs, colors, and designs. Additionally, there are luxury vinyl alternatives which mimic hardwood flooring, marble flooring, stone, and beyond. Buzz-phrase to remember:”Vinyl is Versatile.”

2. Carpeting

Carpet Stays the Big Kahuna in the market. But just like vinyl choices have diversified, so, also, have carpet choices. It is possible to locate recovered carpet made of the very incredible stuff, such as corn, fresh polymers, older transformer toys, hub caps, and stomach button. (Okay, we made some of those up! But, still, the diversity of materials is astonishing.)

3. Corkoleum

Cork grows on trees, so it’s naturally sustainable, and producers will harvest the bark without damaging the plant. Corkoleum combines attributes of linoleum floor products with natural cork to make a flexible, eco-friendly material. Cork flooring also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, based on boosters.

Whether or not you would like to use reclaimed wood or other renewables on your remodeling job — or if you are just trying to find a cost-effective, time-efficient approach to”get the job done” — get in touch with the team in Floor Sanding Honor Oak for a free flooring quote and highly effective information 020 3369 1025.

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