What to do after your wood floor has been installed

Once your Woodpecker floor has been installed you’ll be able to feel its delightful texture underfoot and enjoy the warm sense of nature a wood finish brings to your home. However, like all natural substances, wood is susceptible to wear and tear. To ensure it always looks its best and lasts longer, here are some steps you can take to protect it…

1 – Floor mats

The natural place to start is at the door, and a good quality floor mat will catch dirt and grit, preventing damage further into to your home. Grit underfoot is like sandpaper, scratching the floor’s finish, so consider fitting Woodpecker Coir Matting which provides a barrier to wet and dirty feet.

2 – Rugs or carpet runners

We know that the last thing you want to do is cover up the beautiful texture of your natural wood floor, but sometimes prevention is better than the cure. Consider rugs or carpet runners for high footfall areas such as doorways, halls and stairs.

3 – Be careful with furniture

Never drag furniture or other objects across your wood floor – it can easily result in unsightly dents or scratches. Woodpecker offers a variety of felt protectors and castor cups that enable you to move furniture easily without marking
your floor.10660249_823625671003345_959156800600063063_n

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